Our Pre-School

Brown's Buttercups Pre-School

Our Buttercups Pre-School takes children from the start of the term after their third birthday.


Our aim is to provide the superior care and education for our nursery children. Our ethos is the same across all age ranges, Caring. Learning. Enjoying. Achieving. All within the love of God. This vision establishes a strong connection between the our families and school. We will both support and also challenge children to make the best progress they can. Brown's Buttercups is built on a firm foundation of staff sharing high expectations of themselves and of the children and their families.


The belief we hold is that children will undoubtedly flourish in every way when genuinely valued, respected, and made to realise how unique they are. Not only will the children benefit in such a situation, but also parents will experience real peace of mind whilst apart from their children. Parents and carers are actively encouraged to become involved with their children’s learning in our Early Years setting. 


Our aim is to provide care and education within a safe, happy, interesting, family-oriented environment in which each child is encouraged to develop their full potential. The  young children in our care will be encouraged to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative minds, to enjoy learning, and to improve their social and personal life skills.


Careful planning takes into account each child’s individual needs, informed by sensitive listening, observations and reflection by our skilled staff. Staff support child-initiated and spontaneous play exceptionally well, and because they know children the children so well, they will be able to ensure that all children are challenged and helped to make excellent progress.

We place great importance on making our Early Years Setting a  warm, kind and loving environment, where special care is taken to ensure that each child feels nurtured and cherished. We fully realise the vital necessity of guiding children well in their formative years; thus, by means of warm, positive encouragement we stimulate children’s natural enthusiasm for life and their desire to understand the world around them.

Children are  encouraged to appreciate the need to take responsibility for the care of the natural environment.  Our outdoor environment allows the children to explore the natural world around them. These experiences are enhanced by weekly forest school sessions.  We go to great lengths to ensure that the children are able to enjoy doing as much as possible outside.


We believe happy children give of their best and achieve their full potential. We will strive to give both children and parents an exciting and memorable experience of the early years that instils a love of learning and curiosity to take forward into school.

Brown's Buttercups Early Years Curriculum Intent