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Our SENCo is Miss Amy Targosz and she can be contacted via email or telephone 01529 240367

SEN Information Report 2018

Sensory Circuits


At Horbling Brown’s C of E School we have started a programme called Sensory Circuits. This is a regular daily programme of specifically designed physical activities which are intended to focus concentration in readiness for the day’s learning. These activities are collectively known as a Sensory Circuit and encourage the development of a child’s sensory integration. Sensory integration is the ability to take in, sort out, process and make use of information in the world around us. These take place in a child friendly environment that is fun, while promoting social and emotional development.


What is a sensory circuit?

A sensory circuit is a set of physical activities to help us get ready for the day’s learning. We start with alerting activities, then move on to organising activities and then finish with calming activities.


What are alerting activities?

Alerting activities are designed to prepare our brains for learning.

We might do skipping and jumping activities, hopscotch, step-ups, and using space hoppers and trampettes.


What are organising activities?

Organising activities are designed to help us become more skillful in organising our body, and doing more than one thing at once in a set order. This helps to increase our attention and focus. We might be doing climbing and balancing sequences, obstacle courses, and aiming towards a target.


What are calming activities?

Calming activities include gentle squeezing and massaging to make sure we return to our classrooms calm and ready to learn.