Vision and Philosophy

"I am really enjoying Year 6 - It has let out the person I knew I could be deep inside" 

Lilly - Year 6 Pupil 2022


Caring. Learning. Enjoying. Achieving.

All within the love of God

As a caring, inclusive school, we use our positive and consistent expectations to enable all members of our school community to learn and flourish. We want enjoyment of what we do together to support our work towards achieving excellence in all that we do. We recognise the value of each person in our community enabling all to become effective agents of change in the world.


Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others

Philippians 2:4


Show me your ways, Lord,
teach me your paths.

Psalm 25:4


 You who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.

Ecclesiastes 11:9


I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:3




If we believe that our main concern is to ensure that our children make progress and achieve their potential in the widest sense, then all aspects of teaching and learning that are planned, and the climate within the school, are leading towards that vision. The values and philosophy we promote, underpin our distinct Christian character, management of the school, the curriculum, the ethos and the way we work together as a corporate unit. We aim to be a health promoting school, where everyone has the right to be heard and good mental and physical well being of all-children and staff is the key.


Our success will be measured by attainments in standard tests and tasks, in achievement in the wider sense and in the happiness and emotional well being of our children.


Our Core Christian Values will be based on our personal commitment to the school, to our children’s spiritual development, our knowledge about the way children learn in general, and care for our children in particular, and research and evidence from the wider world of education.


Hope, Peace, Friendship, Courage, Trust, Compassion


We know that intelligence is not fixed and that potential is great, therefore we have high yet realistic expectations of the children whatever their background, race or gender, also bearing in mind their age within the year group.


We know there is a wide range of intelligences and that all children have something to offer the world. The children need to know this for the sake of their confidence and self esteem, a crucial factor in their learning and happiness. It is important, therefore to engage the children in as wide a range of activities and experiences as possible, and to acknowledge that learning involves our feelings and emotions as well as our ability to think and act.


We understand that children need motivation in order to learn and that self-esteem is vital for motivation. We aim to plan learning activities which foster independence, confidence and responsibility and that have low stress yet high challenge. We aim to be a school where children have a voice and an input into how the school works.


We know that learning takes place and is effective when children are given opportunities to think for themselves and are free to ‘have a go’, in a risk free environment.


It is important that children know what they are learning and why, and how each little bit fits into the ‘big picture’. This helps children to know what to do to get better. It is in a positive nurturing ethos that children understand the skills they need in order to learn.


Adults feel valued when their views are taken seriously, their training needs are discussed and understood and that they too are sometimes free to ‘have a go’. There is a climate of everyone learning and talking together. Collective teacher efficacy is a significant predictor of children’s achievements. Research shows that securing improvement comes through the hearts and minds of teachers. We need a shared sense of what achievement means.


Parents are seen as partners in their children’s learning, giving and receiving information, talking and relating to teachers, trusting each other in their efforts to support the children. By our involvement with the local community e.g. neighbouring schools, churches, charities, neighbours, we demonstrate that we do not exist in isolation, but as part of the world.


In conclusion, we want to be an inclusive school of equals. Everyone equal of education, training, respect, love and care.


Equality and Diversity, Creativity, Global Citizenship, Safety and Welfare