1st March 2018 - Weather update

Due to low temperatures and hazardous driving conditions, School will remain closed tomorrow (Friday 2nd March). We thank you for your understanding and support of our efforts in keeping our school community safe.



28/02/18  10:10pm SCHOOL CLOSED THURSDAY 1st MARCH


Thank you for all your patience over the last day or two with regards to the weather. Schools  have received this advice this evening, from the Assistant Director of Children's Services:


We would ask all head teachers and leaders of universities and colleges, early years and pre-school settings to consider whether they open their buildings for business tomorrow and inform their pupils and staff as quickly as possible on their decision.


After conversations with our Governors and other local schools, given the below zero icy temperatures, the snow and therefore the state of the roads we have made the decision to close our school, tomorrow, as the risk to families and  staff who drive some distances is too great. Please do check back to the website for further updates. 



In the event of snow when school is closed we will inspect the site at 8am the following morning. At the same time staff will be contacting the school's senior team to advise if they are able to travel or not. As soon as a decision is made, we will aim to achieve this by 8.15am, we will adjust the running message on the home page to carry the appropriate instructions.

If the snow comes over night we will change the web site first thing in the morning. If the snow arrives during the day we will adjust the message as the situation changes.


We will try to keep school open if at all possible.

Many of our support staff live locally so will be able to walk to and from school. Most of our teachers live further away and, depending on the severity of the weather, it may not be safe for them to drive.

However we will have a bank of activities available and so even if we are short of teachers but have sufficient support staff to adequately supervise the children we will remain open.

We will also inform the local radio stations so our school news can be included in their bulletins.


In the unlikely event of closure we will post details on the web site and on the radio about re-opening arrangements which will be given as soon as we are able to make them.

In the event of snow children should come to school in uniform but with extra warm l, wellies, spare indoor shoes and socks, gloves, scarves and warm coats. Hopefully we will play out in the winter wonderland the field becomes at this time, but unless pupils have coats, gloves, waterproof boots, and change of indoor footwear and socks we regret that they will need to stay indoors.


It is unknown if our provider will be able to deliver hot lunches under such circumstances therefore, as a precaution, if your child usually has a school dinner we suggest you provide them with a packed lunch (which will be returned in the event of us being able to provide them with warm food).


Where possible Explorers will be open during emergency periods. Our priority must be enabling children, parents and staff to travel safely home, where ever possible, in day light. Details will be given at the time, but parents should expect Explorers after school club to close at 4.30pm.


If we experience snow fall during the school day again please check the web site first. We may recommend early collection for those pupils who cannot walk home.